Ashley Burton
The doctors and staff at NAAH are always so great! Dr. Youngblood and Dr. Bonner have always gone above and beyond to make me feel like my two Golden Retrievers are special to them. We board Brinkley and Stabler there a couple of times a year and the staff is always so accommodating to their needs. They also have great boarding rates. Brinkley and Stabler will definitely be coming back to NAAH for all of their vetinary needs.

Macy Skipworth
They have always taken good care of my shar pei Mufasa. He use to be scared of the vet and wouldn’t be too nice to the doctors. They worked with him and now he doesn’t mind it as much and trusts them. They also took great care of my other shar pei yesterday! We love naah

Alex Boyd
My mini Aussie got very sick when she was 6 months old, and honestly if not for the wonderful vets at the north Alabamaanimal hospital my sweet girl wouldn’t still be here! They are very friendly and are patient. They will answer all of your questions and not make you feel silly. Also everyone is SO polite! I’ve been in and out a lot with my dog and I’ve never had an issue with bad attitudes, everyone is so nice! And I’ve never felt like I was being pushed to do something expensive when it was not necessary. Love this place!

Emily Holmes
We don’t want to think about the unthinkable but when I had to humanely euthaninze my dear sweet cat, Mason, Dr. Youngblood and the staff of the NAAH were so caring and wonderful with both Mason and me. I’ve known since he began taking care of Mason that they were all special, but when I received a notecard from Dr. Youngblood, it was confirmed yet again. Thanks guys for everything for the last ten plus years of caring.

Christine Moss
My Kitty, Gizmo, became ill and growling and would not eat. Dr. Youngblood took great care of Gizmo and she is up and playing and she looks great! Great Doctor and Staff!!

Keri Metcalf
A few years ago, we rushed our sick little kitten to the North Alabama Animal Hospital. Despite multiple Dawn soap baths and deworming medication from other vets, our baby was bled dry by fleas and worms. Though there wasn’t much hope for her, the vet stayed with her overnight and called us multiple times. She didn’t make it, but we were comforted by the fact that she was cared for in her final hours. Now, all of our animals go to this clinic.

Debby Nelson
I have been using North Alabama for a few years. I have taken all kinds of shelter pups as well as lost souls and Paws pups and my own pets to them. I have received excellent, compassionate care every time. I have recommended them to countless people in our area. the staff is wonderful to me every time I call (which is often)and have always made me feel like we really mattered to them. the hospital is so very clean and does not have any bad smell. I actually do not know how they do it. They are totally knowledgeable about surgeries and conditions and explain them to me as well as take me back to see x-rays. I am given options and advise. I will never go to any other vet as long as I live here. I totally trust them with the lives of my animals as well as the lives of animals that are looking for homes. I thank this hospital for giving me peace about my animals’ care. I also thank all of the girls that are so kind a sweet to me. Many times, I am in a state about one thing or another but when I get there, I am greeted with compassion and armed with knowledge and always leave feeling better.

Bill Parkhurst
All of our pets enjoy the services of the North Alabama Animal Hospital. I don’t think you will ever find a more compassionate and professional group of vets and staff. These folks are part of our family and couldn’t do without them. All our love, Bill, Melissa, Clementine, Tigger (special shout out to Dr. Chuck), Boo, Maggie & Kevin.

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