We preach constantly “Better pet through client education and proper prevention.” We perform full nose to tail exams on our patients during their visits to make sure nothing is missed. We focus on educating our clients about the issues we may have found during the exam and give options about the best method and mode of treatment.

We tailor vaccination schedules to the individual pet and its lifestyle which we discuss during their annual visit. We will also discuss appropriate parasite prevention during the visit to make sure your loved one is fully protected.

We all know our pets age faster than we do and we recognize that here at North Alabama Animal Hospital. As your pet gets a few more grey whiskers, we begin to discuss and perform yearly bloodwork and urine evaluations to monitor for changes in kidney or liver function. The quicker we can notice changes, the more likely we are to manage the disease before your pet is sick from it.

Please let us know when we can schedule your pet’s annual physical! We would love to talk to you!

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (256) 383-2626.