More than meets the eye

I had an appointment yesterday that was very memorable.  Looking back, I had met this client and her dog, Ava, plenty of times before. Ava is a gorgeous Golden Retriever that is always looking for a pat on the top of the head or a scratch under her chin. I did all of her puppy visits when she got her first set of vaccines, as well as her surgery when she was spayed a few months later. The last time I had seen her and her dog was last year for her annual vaccine visit. I remembered this client mainly because she’s so cheery and upbeat. Yesterday was no different. She brightened up the room immediately as soon as I brought her dog back to begin our appointment. When I walked in, I shook her hand and noticed a cap on her head, her short hair and a pink bow that said “Hope” on it. In an instant, I realized that she was in the middle of the fight of her life. As the office visit continued with my physical exam of her pup, we discussed different things about her dog and she mentioned how it had been tougher to get out and take her dog for a walk because she had been going through treatment for breast cancer. I sat down on the bench beside her as she went into detail about the treatment. Treatment that included two surgeries, chemotherapy, upcoming radiation treatment and long-term hormone treatment. She told me about how Ava would be there by her side after each treatment. She had also mentioned that she would pray during and after her treatments. Before we ended the appointment, I asked her if it would be okay with her if I prayed for her before she left. Right then. She said of course and so I did just that. Afterwards, she gave me a big hug and thanked me.

This appointment hit home with me and I wanted to share. My own mother-in-law had breast cancer. Thankfully, she’s been cancer free for 5 years. I know all too well the terrible fight that this sweet lady is going through and know that any encouragement is appreciated. We can sometimes go through our day in a hurry. Going from task to task, on auto-pilot, not seeing the opportunities that are in front of us. I know I sure do. Thankfully, and this isn’t always the case, I was able to slow down and hopefully make a difference in her life, because I know she sure made a difference in mine.

Dr. Thompson

*October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. Join in the cause to help women in need today.*


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