In 2023 our home was hit the diagnoses that no pet parent wants to ever hear, Cancer. In April of 2023 out beloved cat, Sweetie, was diagnosed with Intestinal Lymphoma. Unfortunately, not only were we diagnosed in April of 2023 but we had four cats total diagnosed with a form of Cancer just in that year alone. Our precious Serena, aka Ree, our sweet boy Gizmo and our handsome fella Teddy were all diagnose that same year.

Dr. Bonner discussed everything, from the different forms of treatments for each pet and their diagnoses to what we may/may not could expect with each cat’s diagnosis. Let me just say, there wasn’t one out of the four that were the same.
We opted for chemo therapeutics for each one of our fur babies. Although it was a heart wrenching diagnosis, for each one, NAAH made every moment worth the decision! Believe it or not, pets tolerate chemotherapy significantly better than us humans!

To be honest, when most people hear the word “Cancer” they immediately think “Death Sentence”, but knowing the treatments helped our adored furry family members live a longer and better quality of life makes me disagree. Our journey with pet cancer and our experience with chemotherapy is something we will NEVER regret. Chemotherapy gave us more time & opportunity to achieve more with our fur babies than we ever could imagine. Those extra bites of human food, outdoor adventures, and sunsets that we will forever cherish will be etched in our minds and heart forever.

We lost our Gizmo in November 2023 giving us 2.5 months after diagnosis, but he also had a heart condition that I believe played a factor in his overall health. We lost our Sweetie in February 2024 and Serena March 2024. If your pet has cancer, don’t allow cancer to have your pet. If you ever have to make a decision on treatments just know that the extra time with your furry loved ones is remarkable and you will not regret it.

Thank you NAAH for the guidance, assistance, knowledge, and research you contributed to sustain a better life for our world that many call “pets”!

– Tiffany Miller


“Last October when our 8 year old chocolate lab Max started throwing up and was acting super tired we never dreamed it would be cancer! Dr. Thompson referred us to Nashville Veterinary Services where tests were run, and the diagnosis was confirmed – cancer. We were devastated. Our youngest daughter had just graduated high school and she had already has so many disappointments in 2020. No prom, an unusual graduation, a “virtual” experience at college, losing Max in 2020 was not going to happen! Dr. Vancil at NVS worked up a 25 week protocol for Max and we got him started on 3 regimens of different types chemotherapy in December 2020. Some of the chemotherapy had to be administered in Nashville, but some was able to be done at North Alabama Animal Hospital under the supervision of Dr. Thompson. We were thrilled that Dr. Thompson could administer some as it eliminated a lot of trips to Nashville for us! Dr. Vancil worked closely with Dr. Thompson, ensuring that Max would be examined and evaluated the same way at NAAH as he was at NVS. Max responded really well to his chemotherapy. We were worried he would have a bad reaction; lose his fur, not want to eat, throw up – but dogs don’t react to chemo the same way humans do. He was sometimes a little tired or extra hungry or not as hungry but those side effects would go away in a day or two. The treatment he had in Nashville was the one that affected him the most. After it we would just baby him a little bit more, give him special treats, and extra love. During his 25 week protocol, and after it he really became his previous self again, and had much more energy and zest for life than he had before the diagnosis. We had chalked up his pre-cancer lack of energy to him “getting older”. We didn’t realize he was in the beginning stages of cancer. We were thrilled when his playfulness and energy returned. We got to have him in our lives for 10 BONUS months before the cancer came back and was sadly untreatable. We wouldn’t trade those 10 months for anything. We called it “MAXIMIZING” our time as a play on his name, Max. We are so thankful and grateful for all the exceptional care from both NVS and NAAH. Rest assured you will be in good hands if your choose to go through it with NAAH & NVS.”

– Laura Hamner


“You never want to hear the dreaded words, “He has cancer.” But that was what our heart dog, Pyro was diagnosed with in March 2020. Through the tears, NAAH walked this journey with us from the beginning. They directed us to a wonderful Memphis clinic for Pyro’s intensive care, but his weekly treatments came from NAAH. If not for NAAH, we would not have had those added months with our “pupper”! Thank you, Dr. Thompson and staff for the wonderful care!”

– Sally Becktel


I was devastated to find out that Zoe had Mast cell cancer and chemotherapy was the first choice of treatment. Everything about her diagnosis was scary. Dr Youngblood did an excellent job of making me feel at ease about the chemotherapy. He didn’t rush through the appointment and I did choose for Zoe to have chemotherapy once weekly for 4 weeks.

Zoe did great through all the treatments and she is 14. She was given medication each treatment to help her with any nausea or pain. She would eat when we returned home and she would sleep most of the night. The next day she would be back to normal. The treatments really didn’t slow her down. I could see a difference but minimal. The third week was her worst week. She did not eat until the next day and she was sleeping more after that treatment. Fourth and final treatment Zoe was a champ. She didn’t feel too bad and ate when she got home.

I am so glad that I went with the chemotherapy. Zoe had surgery after her chemo treatment for a new spot with a clean diagnosis on pathology.

Overall it was a good experience and the girls in the back were wonderful. I wouldn’t hesitate to go through treatment again with all the support Zoe received from the clinic!

– Kathy Leavitt