About six months ago I found my little chihuahua had really gained a lot of weight. Dr. Thompson suggested their healthy weight program. So, we were off to the race. The team and staff are wonderful and the results even better! He has lost 35% of his body weight . Down from 9.6 to 6.2! Looks and feels great. I would highly recommend the program.
– Babs Cornett & Charleston
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“We adopted our golden retriever, Jackson, from a local rescue organization in 2011. He quickly became a member of our family, and to show our love, we showered him with toys, treats, left-overs, and more! The result- In just 3 years, his weight ballooned to over 100lbs. As the weight came on, our once energetic and happy puppy became more lethargic and started having mobility troubles. In just 6 months on the weight loss program, Dr. Thompson and the staff at North Alabama Animal Hospital were able to help us lower Jackson’s weight by almost 25%. He is now a svelte and happy 76lbs., and his energy levels are higher than ever. It is our hope that maintaining Jackson’s healthy weight will add years to his life, but one thing is certain, it has already added life to his years! We cannot thank Dr. Thompson (and his staff) enough for all of his help and would recommend the program to anyone.”
– Michael & Katy Beth Carr

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“When we started this weight program Sadie embarrassingly weighed over 90 pounds. We started this because she had bad knees as it was and could tell she wasn’t happy at all. The pounds fell off with ease and now she weighs a healthy 68 pounds and is more active than ever! Her knees are better and she is now a healthy happy pup. Me and my mother both would recommend this to anyone!”
– Katie & Darla Brown

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